Transferring my records

Transitioning from your pediatrician to adult doctor is an important process and you’ll need to get your medical records transferred.  Here are a few tips!


Just like when you change schools or move up in a grade level, your school needs access to your academic records and your new doctor needs to have all of your medical records.  This allows them to better understand you, your IBD, and your overall medical history including any tests and procedures that were performed.


So, what do you actually need to do?


  1. Call your adult gastroenterologist and ask him which specific records they need from your pediatric gastroenterologist.
  2. Call your pediatric gastroenterologist and ask them to send your records at least 2 weeks prior to your first visit with your adult gastroenterologist. Make sure prior to calling you have all of his contact information including address, phone number and email.


  1. Request a copy of your records be sent to you as well.


Call your adult gastroenterologist 2 weeks prior to the appointment to ensure they have received your records. If not call immediately the pediatric gastroenterologist and ask them to send the records immediately as you have a first appointment.