Calling my Team

When you decide to call the doctor or the doctor’s team, it is important that you are prepared for a discussion and to make notes on what they say. MyIBD includes a short list of questions you may want to complete prior to talking to your doctor.


  1. Has anything regarding your health changed since your last visit?
  2. When did the symptoms start?
  3. Has there been any change in amount of blood of stools over 2 days?
  4. Do I have pain in my stomach?
    1. Is all the time or sometimes?
  5. Am I more or less hungry?
    1. Has this change?
  6. Am I at least urinating 4 times a day?
    1. When was the last time?
  7. How often am I vomiting?
    1. With or without blood?
  8. What is my temperature?
  9. Do I have any new rashes?
  10. Can you think of anything that may have caused a change (possibly stressors)?
  11. What questions do I have?