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About MyIBD

MyIBD is a resource to help young patients transition to an adult gastroenterologist and monitor their own health records.

The website consists of two basic sections:

  • Educational content “Learn” – Where patients can view videos and read about IBD.
  • Health records module “MyJourney” – Where patients can record their IBD journey. For example: Date of diagnosis, name(s) of your doctors, past and present medications, major events, other conditions that may occur along with your IBD, date of flares, and much more.

You (the patient) can grant access to your adult gastroenterologist, which permits them to view your journey in order to prepare for the first appointment and to follow your progress.

We welcome your recommendations on new topics or modules of interest to you (the patient).

Support for this app was provided by: AbbVie Inc., IBDHorizons, Medical37, Dr. A. Afzali, Paul Strunc